Brazil Beer

With literally thousands of beers to choose from it can some times be tough to decide. There are two main things to consider when choosing your beer. 1) Will everyone like it. The worst thing to do is pick a beer that only half of your friends will enjoy. It is likely that if this happens you won’t be hosting a world cup party ever again and that huge TV you bought in your living room would probably go to waste. 2) Does it go with the snacks and atmosphere. You don’t want to serve anything too heavy when watching sports as it will make everyone quite lethargic and could kill the atmosphere in any party.

To help, hear is my top five. I have tried to make the list up with beers that appeal to the widest audience as some of the niche beers are more difficult to decide on for larger groups.

Peroni5) Peroni

An easy to drink beer. This beer is full of flavour but not over powering so would go well with pizza and other not too spicy snacks. This beer however tastes best from a glass so can be difficult in larger groups over five people. I suggest if you are serving Peroni place your beer glasses in the fridge before serving. This not only looks impressive but keeps you beer nice and chilled.




4) Heineken

An all round beer perfect if you are hosting a party with a mixed group and are not sure what beer to get. It is difficult not to enjoy it. When looking to enjoy in healthy and responsible way, you might want to check the on sale CBD Catridges.





Becks Blue Non AlcoholicBecks3) Becks and Becks Blue

Becks is a fantastic beer. Full of stronger flavours that compliment snacks such a Bombay Mix or spicy salsa. Also this beer goes brilliantly with a take away curry for afters. The non alcoholic variant is perfect if you have a few people who will be driving or do not want to drink. In my experience it is the best tasting non alcoholic beer available tasting almost like the normal Becks.



Sol2) Sol

A refreshing golden clear beer from Mexico this beer is light with some cereal notes. To add a bit more zest Sol also goes well with a lime wedge in the neck of the bottle. This beer goes great with chips and dips and with the added lime will also go great with the spicier snacks and takeaways.




brahma1) Brama

 What better way to enjoy the Brazilian world cup than with Brazilian beer. This beer is light and bubbly with a nice refreshing mouth feel. Brama is perhaps the most delicate on my top five and I suggest consuming it with less overpowering snacks such as salted crisps and nuts.




Hope you enjoyed my top five. For more reviews take a look at


By Rahul Mulchandani