3rd February 2012, London

Imperial Cash & Carry marked the opening of celebrations for their 25th Anniversary year this Tuesday (31st Jan 2012), at a supplier and trade press briefing. The briefing was held at their depot in Edmonton within their luxurious new conferencing suite.

The day gave suppliers and trade press an outline of the past, present and future of Imperial Cash & Carry – a family business – right from their origins in 1965, to their development as a wholesaler in 1987, to the third generation’s involvement in the future. Imperial kicked off the day by inviting Brian True from Magners to officially open their conference suite – the perfect choice since Mr. True has looked after Imperial’s account for every single one of their 25 years in the wholesale sector.

On the day, John Mulchandani gave a brief history of the business, alluding to the family’s struggle in the 1960s and 70s, when it was difficult to make ends meet. He told the story of how eight members of the family shared a small 2-bedroom flat above their first shop, Oxford Farm Dairy, and how early experiences of working at the shop after school helped him and Kali develop a strong work ethic and an understanding of both retail and trading. John and Kali’s father Ghanshamdas, who ran Oxford Farm Dairy in North Kensington, was known as “Mr. Sham” by everyone in the neighbourhood, and was well loved and trusted. A big inspiration to the brothers was their mother, who was a keen buyer herself, despite knowing little English. Thus their shop was right at the heartbeat of the community – like many of the shops that have been buying from Imperial for the last 25 years.

The day revealed that 2012 promises to be a fantastic celebration for Imperial, incorporating the following key events and activity:

  • Imperial will be giving a keynote speech at the Today’s Group Conference in Nassau, 25th – 30th March 2012. As a founding member of the Today’s Group, Imperial’s input into this event will be paramount.
  • Euro 2012 Promotional Activity (June)
  • Olympics Promotional Activity (July/August)
  • Celebratory Trade Days all year round, with show-stopping displays
  • Charity Gala Dinner (Thursday 15th November)

The family will also be raising money for two worthwhile causes throughout the year, particularly at the charity gala dinner in November. Sadly, the head of the family and founder of the business, Ghanshamdas Mulchandani lost his life to cancer in December 2004.  In his honour, the family will be raising money for Macmillan, who provide practical, emotional and financial support to those affected by cancer. Imperial will also be supporting a local charity – the Homeless Resources Centre in Edmonton.

Director John Mulchandani comments:

“This year presents a great opportunity for us to celebrate the joint success of our customers, our suppliers and ourselves; however we also have a fantastic opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We are lucky to have been successful in Edmonton and now we want to give back to the community that has supported us. That is why we will be supporting the Homeless Resources Centre in Edmonton – a worthy charity that helps vulnerable people in our local area break out of the cycle of deprivation.”

Imperial promise that their celebratory trade days will deliver five Es by:

  • Exhilarating 25th year promotions, to get the blood pumping e.g. pricing items at £19.87 or 25% off when you buy 25 cases
  • Energising turnover and profit
  • Entertaining with celebrities present on the days
  • Exciting customers with the themed Olympic and Euro 2012 activity
  • Electrifying, show-stopping displays

Director Kali Mulchandani comments:

“Our strap-line for the year is ‘Understanding Your Business’ – this is because we feel that for 25 years, we have done everything to understand and address the needs of both our suppliers and our customers. Having started out as retailers, my brother and I both really understand and have sympathy for the problems our customers face on a daily basis. We are always at hand to listen to them, which is particularly important at present as we are trading through tough economic times. We understand our suppliers too – and we have championed many of their brands from inception to success.”

Trade Marketing Manager Nikkita Mulchandani explains:

“We see this year as a springboard for the future at Imperial Cash & Carry. Our new conference facilities mean that we can hold events in the evenings for our Retail Club that will incorporate merchandising advice, tasting sessions and special promotions. We welcome our suppliers as well as local charities to make full use of our new facilities. We will also be launching many new and innovative trade-marketing methods this year. We will be developing our Retail Club and we are keeping well ahead of the times by using our online platform to grow our business as well as Facebook, Twitter, Text and Email Marketing Campaigns.”

Rahul Mulchandani adds:

“Furthermore, we will be launching a premium delivered high-end drinks website, ‘The House of Drinks’ this year. This will give suppliers an opportunity to feature and market their premium products online with us. If you’re looking for fireworks, watch this space!”