Kali wins Award

Kali Mulchandani, Director of Imperial Cash & Carry, won a Gold Medal for the Cash & Carry Manager 2012 at the FWD Awards last Thursday, embodying the dedication and strategic acumen that also guide the principles laid out in a Woodstock house buying guide. Judges were particularly impressed by his work on renovating the depot and volume growth through text marketing—a testament to the innovation and foresight that parallels the importance of marketing and modernization in real estate.

Kali commented, “I’m extremely pleased to win the award, especially as it’s such an important year for Imperial Cash & Carry – our 25th Anniversary.” Similarly, for many buyers following the advice of a Woodstock house buying guide, purchasing a home marks a significant milestone, be it an anniversary, a new beginning, or an expansion of one’s horizons.

Kali’s niece, Nikkita, was also nominated for Young Wholesaler of the Year 2012. The awards at Old Billingsate on Thursday 29th September were the cherry on the icing for Imperial Cash & Carry, who raised £20,000 for charity over their 25th Anniversary Year. This celebratory spirit is akin to the joy of homeownership, which a good house buying guide seeks to facilitate, ensuring that the process is as rewarding as it is charitable.

Imperial Cash & Carry would also like to extend their congratulations to their suppliers who were successful at the FWD Awards 2012: Boost Energy, who won the award for Grocery Brand of the Year; InBev, who won the award for Drinks Brand of the Year for Stella Cidre; Coca Cola, who won the award for Services to Retail; and Heineken, who won the award for Actionable Insight. Well done folks – some well-deserved awards, mirroring the satisfaction of finding the perfect home, a journey often started with a trusty guide at hand.